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The KBHH Equine Vets Podcast

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Welcome to The KBHH Equine Vets Podcast, brought to you by MSD Animal Health.
Join our expert hosts, Dr. Ebony Escalona and Dr. Naomi Mellor, both experienced equine veterinarians, each month as they bring you informative and engaging discussions about all things equine health and wellness. 

The KBHH Equine Vets Podcast is aimed at vets who want to know more about how to look at things differently in equine, from what ‘flexing’ could mean as an equine vet, to the latest technology developments and looking after your own wellbeing. Ebony and Naomi will share the exciting developments within the equine world that our guests are leading in. With a focus on looking at life in equine practice through a different lens, our podcast will feature interviews with leading experts in their field. Whether you are a seasoned equine vet or a GP vet looking to expand your knowledge of equine medicine, our podcast will provide you with valuable insights and information.

So, join us each month for a new episode of The KBHH Equine Vets Podcast and stay informed on the latest developments in equine health and wellness. To get in touch with the show, please email